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What You Need to Know

We are a Portland born, family owned business providing Oregon and Washington exceptional paint contracting services since 1990.

Prior to forming his own company, Gary gained 10 years of industry experience working as a painter. He has since built his business around values of providing high-quality, friendly service to his customers. Contractors live and die by their reputation and that is why he always strives to ensure his customer's satisfaction.

Gary passed these values down to his children’ and his son Chase, who officially joined the family business as a painter in 2012. In 2019, both Gary and Chase went into business together forming Christian Painting LLC bringing experience and a youthful mind to the industry.


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Meet the Owners


Gary Christian

Owner (father)
Cell (503) 680-3604

Gary was born and raised just outside of Portland. He first got the spirit of running a business in the 70's building waterbeds and running a gas station under his brother. Shortly after his brother passed away, he decided to enter the home improvement industry as a painter. This is where he found his true calling. Not only did he love to paint, but he also loved the interactions with his customers' and seeing their enjoyment with his work. He has since inspired his four children to also pursue entrepreneurial paths.


Chase Christian

Owner (son)

Cell (503) 593-1196

Chase got his start painting by following his dad around everywhere, and even sometimes to work. As he got older, he would spend time with his dad painting houses and building his painting skills over his summers. He quickly became a very skilled painter and knew he wanted to continue to grow the legacy of the business his father created. Chase too loves seeing the enjoyment that is brought to their customers' by their work. Chase hopes that one day his own children may follow in his and his father's footsteps' running the family business.

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