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Commercial Services

When working on commercial projects, our goal is to complete the job with exceptional quality and swiftness to minimize the impact on tenants while maintaining a competitive rate. We hold these values to ensure our customers satisfaction. Here are a few of our common commercial services. But we're always ready to help our customers on any project!


Building Exteriors

We have completed several commercial buildings for multiple property management organizations across Oregon and Washington. Check out our Gallery to see more example of projects we've worked on!


Office Spaces

Office spaces are even more critical as they can disrupt tenants for periods of time. We make sure to complete projects as quickly as possible so tenants and our customers are both satisfied!



Warehouses and large spaces often need to be repainted. In addition to walls, we can also paint lockers, safety areas, and more.


Parking Lot Stripping

To better assist our commercial customers, we also offer parking lot stripping to keep parking lots looking clean. In addition, we are able to do stencils like handicap parking spaces, arrows, letters etc. Safety markers like bollards and poles of course can be painted too!

Commercial: Projects
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